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The Higgins/Hahn Genealogy Site

Welcome to our family tree! (I Timothy 1:4, KJV)

In 1991, at the passing of my mother (my father had died in 1984) my wife Kathy and I began to think about all of the family relationships and stories that are going to be lost with the deaths of our parents. We didn't know or remember all the family relationships that our parents had talked about. We knew we didn't know or remember all the stories of days gone by. This plus our awareness of our own mortality helped to push us into this long quest for our roots and the stories of those that had gone before us. It is these realtionships and stories we are trying to preserve and display here. Please join us in this journey.
          Jerry and Kathy


Mary Katharine Hahn weds
Jerry Lee Higgins
September 11, 1971

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