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The Higgins/Hahn Genealogy Site

Let's get the "lay of the land". This quote, although not original with him, was a favorite saying of Kathy's father, Carl Hahn. Carl liked to arrive at any new place well in advance so he could get his bearings and scope out the area.

Carl Marion Hahn

A few definitions may help explain what is displayed on the following pages. Here we have used two basic types of displays to help you understand our family tree.


The first two are Jerry's and Kathy's ancestors trees. Ancestor trees (sometimes called "pedigree" trees) show the family roots for any individual.  For example, if you created your own ancestor tree, it would show your two parents, four grandparents, eight great-grandparents, and so forth.   It would not show your aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, or cousins. As you can see, the tree grows in size by doubling for each generation. For the sake of space we have only shown birth and death dates. In many instances we have much more information about the person than this, so if you have some particular interest and want more information, please contact us. We are willing to share what we have and can supply the data in various forms and formats.


The second set of pages are decendant trees. Descendant trees show where everyone fits in the family.  Starting with a relative in the distant past, a descendant tree moves to the present, showing the primary individual's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so on, generation by generation.  These trees show the ancestor that is the farthest back the we currrently have. That person is number 1. Each subsequant generation is then numbered sequentially. All generations are dispalyed up to the mid 1900's.

On these pages we will provide information about who we are and perhaps something about who you are. Some of this you may know or remember and some of it may be new to you. What we have recorded here is for you, and your children, and your children's children to read, remember, and relive.

One other thing you should know. Most of the information on this site came from sources other than ourselves. Some came from talking to relatives. Some came from researching public records and taking field trips. The largest part came from other contributers, just like yourself, that knew or had something recorded about the family. Some had already done a great deal of good solid research. Some had it already recorded in various forms and locations. This then just becomes a display and repository of that information. Without the help, cooperation, and contributions of many of you, these would be blank pages. To all of you that have contributed and worked on this data, we thank you from the depths of our hearts. Future generations will know of you and us because of the work we have done. This is what you see recorded here.

Finally, this is a work in progress. It will never be finished. We won't even get close! You can help. Please alert us to mistakes and corrections. Please let us know if you have any information that should be included. And remeber, this is just the public display. More information than this is kept in our master database. We have over 4100 names and it keeps growing.

Please email us with your comments, suggestions, or corrections. Please use the new address, JerryGenPA at Yahoo. The link was removed and the typing changed to foil the spam miners.
Rev. 11/12/11